Services offered

I offer a range of one on one behavioural and training services in your home or out in real situations. I will teach you to use fun, kind techniques to help your dog learn new behaviours, build your relationship and enjoy training together.

Basic training

Working with you and your dog we will perfect the life skills that are so important for you and your dog to enjoy home life and walks.  This could be lead walking, recall, bath-time or any other situation where a bit of training will improve your relationship with your dog.   




Behaviour services 

If your dog is nervous, anxious or reactive then working with you both holistically we can piece together the bits of the puzzle so we can understand the root causes of your dog's behaviour.  Then we work as a team to make the changes necessary for your dog to build their confidence, focus on you and help you both live a more harmonious life together.

Training walks

A low stress programme designed to work on issues such as socialisation, desensitising to environmental triggers and calm lead walking.

Over a 4 week period I really get to know your dog and we will also give you a written and photographic record of their progress.     


Scentwork is THE best way to have fun with your dog and exercise their brain as well as their body.

I'll start you off with the basics and your pup will astound you with the power of their nose.  If you get hooked we can progress from ground to air scenting, finding hidden objects and trailing. 

Puppy preparation

Puppies are hard work! They look cute for a reason...  I can help you identify the type of dog most appropriate for your lifestyle, prepare for the new arrival.  I will be on hand to plan for the first few weeks to give you strategies to minimise the issues that many new owners face.

Doggy games

I teach you and your dog a range of fun doggy games and tricks using cheap everyday garden equipment.  This could be using a flirt pole (shown), navigating a mini obstacle course or "playing dead' on command.  

Co-operative care

Good husbandry is an important part of responsible ownership, but not every dog enjoys being groomed or visiting the vet.  

I will show you how to build your dog's confidence around grooming, bathing, teeth cleaning and nail clipping.