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About Me

Hi, I am Helen, I live in Rhyl with my 2 dogs, Widget and Sofie.  I am an IMDT accredited trainer, here is a little bit about me and my dogs.

My first dog was a retired greyhound called Noodles.  He was one of those dogs who everyone loved and was the most amazing companion.   He went everywhere with me, usually behaved impeccably and made me believe that I knew everything about training a dog.  Then Widget came along and showed me that I knew nothing!  

Widget is a far more sensitive dog, he was intolerant of other dogs, reactive to people and nervous in many situations.

 I followed that common piece of advice "just be confident, get him out and about and he will get used to it" and by doing that, I made everything much worse!  

That was when my real interest in dog training and behaviour began.  I worked with trainers and a vet behaviourist who, amongst many other things  identified that Widget had back pain that was contributing to his behaviour.

A whole new world opened up.  While Widget would not be destined for the things I had planned, we learned together how to handle tricky situations, the human reactions subsided totally, in fact, he now enjoys meeting people when out and about.  We learned how to cope with other dogs and I learned how to advocate for him, read his body language and help him navigate the world that he found so overwhelming.  

Widget is now in his senior years, his body and mind are not quite what they once were and so we are taking things at a more leisurely pace, keeping things simple and fun.

In 2019 my friends found an abandoned podenco in Spain, they caught her and asked if I wanted another dog - how could I say no?  

Sofie arrived in the UK bewildered and scared.  Even the basics were a big deal.  I have to admit, there were times when I felt totally overwhelmed by her problems.  Everything including eating was a struggle for her.  But slowly things have come together.  She has taught, and is still teaching  me so much.  

She is very independent and equally intelligent with a massive prey drive (quite a combination!), but through fun training with lots of toys and massive quantities of liver cake, she is now making great progress.  Sofie has come such a long way, there are still certainly things to work on, but she is now loving her life and that is absolutely what matters most to me.

I set up my dog walking business in 2018 offering individual walks to a range of dogs, many having varying levels of fearful and intolerant and behaviour.  These amazing dogs and their owners have given me so much more experience in dogs of varying sizes, breeds, personalities and needs.   I have spent time learning techniques and the theory behind them to help them enjoy their walks and have loved seeing the progress they have made.

As an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol.  Click the logo for further information.

Courses, Workshops and Other Learning

Certified Trauma Aware Pet Professional 

Karen Prior Academy - Foundations of Dog Training

IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

IMDT - 4 Day Practical Instructor Course

IMDT Membership assessment passed with Merit

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Reducing Overarousal and Reactivity via the Circle Method of Leash Walking

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Where's the cookie?  Reducing Reinforcement from Day 1

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Introduction to Nosework

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Cooperative Canine Care

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Is This It? Match to Sample

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Aged to Perfection - Keeping Senior Dogs Fit and Healthy in Mind and Body

Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Control Unleashed Pattern Games for Sports and Life Skills

Kathy Sdao - But my Dog isn't Food Motivated

Trevor Cooper - Dog Law for Professionals Seminar 2021

Fear, Anxiety and Stree in Enclosed Environments - Kennels and Groomers, Jeni Pirie, 2019

Currently Studying

School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible

School of Canine Science - Puppy Lab

Dognostics - Dog bite Prevention

Do More With Your Dog - Trick Dog Instructor