Hi, I'm Helen

I've had dogs for most of my life and I run Smartdog.Wales.  For the last five years I've walked and trained dogs for a living.

Like most dog trainers I've owned easy dogs who make me look good and complex dogs who helped me learn.  What was a hobby became a passion and in the last five years I've backed up my practical experience with theoretical knowledge from some of the best trainers and behaviourists in the world.  

Whilst I have now worked with most common breeds of dog, sighthounds are my speciality along with the challenges of rehoming podencos (street dogs). Just in case you've never had a sighthound or a podenco in your life, their characters tend to revolve around sensitivity, reactivity and anxiety.  As a trainer, I've helped a lot of working breeds where we've focussed on recall, responsiveness, and calming and tiring their brains as well as their bodies.   

I look forward to meeting and helping you 


The official stuff

I am highly qualified and motivated professional, I am an expert in my field. It is my aim to provide comprehensive, first-rate services to my clients.

My qualifications

  • IMDT Membership assessment passed with Merit
  • Certified Trauma Aware Pet Professional 
  • Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Introduction to Nosework
  • Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Cooperative Canine Care
  • Fenzi Sport Dog Academy - Keeping Senior Dogs Fit and Healthy in Mind and Body
  • School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible
  • Dognostics - Dog bite Prevention

My values

I follow modern, science based methods.  I will not recommend or use tools or methods that will cause pain, discomfort or distress to your dog.  I firmly believe that training should be fun for those at both ends of the lead.

Whilst I am positive, I am not permissive.  I do believe that dogs need kind, compassionate guidance, they do need rules and boundaries in order to live happily and safely alongside us.  But I believe that these rules and boundaries can be put in place using kind methods.